Before submitting a form on our website, before joining our list (newsletter), carefully read these Terms of Use and conditions of use of CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO.

These terms of use (“agreement”), including the privacy policy, which is incorporated into this agreement by reference, define the mandatory legal terms for your use of the services, in accordance with law 12.965/2014 (internet civil mark ). If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, the user must not use the site. The acceptance of these terms and conditions is a necessary and indispensable requirement for the use of the website and its services.

Date of this release: March 23, 2022.

The terms below apply to any of the services offered by CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO through the website

1.1. By this Term of Use, the user is informed and aware that he must use the CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO system, in any of its channels, with the same care with which he searches in other traditional means. This is because the CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO website works as an online catalogue, presenting information and products from your restaurant, through a menu, included in a technological tool, the website, which can be used by individuals and companies to obtain more information. information about the products served by CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO.

1.2. The additional features of CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO do not detract from the fact that CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO posts, in its electronic media, information for which CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO is responsible.

1.3. In this way, CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO is responsible for the suitability and veracity of the information provided on its website, as well as for the security measures adopted for it. It is up to visitors and managing users to protect personal data, passwords and usernames to access our site and also protect themselves from any damages, including fraud or embezzlement.

Search and Content System

2.1. The Site offers the user, free of charge, an information search system, within the site itself, whose objective is to offer users a facilitated service, which presents the information sought by the user, within a search range.

2.2. The site is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the absence of something sought by the user. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO expressly recommends to the user that, if he observes something very different from the normal, in other channels, using the name of CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO, verify all the information by contacting directly with our sectors responsible for the site, to verify the veracity. of the offer, service or promise seen.

2.3. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO makes it possible for users to obtain information about products, such as:

(i) Product Photos, such photos being made available: (a) by the person responsible for the website;

(ii) Information about the products offered, such as some specifications, technical data, prices, etc.

CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO hereby declares that it is responsible for the product information available on its website.

2.4. The managing users are solely responsible for any and all information provided by them on the Site, such as, but not limited to, (i) photos and any other types of information necessary to access and present the site.

2.5. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO also offers a space for customers to participate in a “Newsletter”, simply by including some contact information in a simple form. Such information is made available in order to facilitate contact between users and possible offers, news, suggestions, etc., that the site may generate.

2.6. All contact information is provided by the users themselves, through a form sent to the CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO website. Therefore, CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO is not responsible for the content provided by the user.

General Provisions Relating to Services

3.1. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO is not and will not be responsible: (i) for the information given by users, (ii) for the use or trust placed by the user in the contents, possible offers or services of said pages; (iii) possible negotiation between users; (iv) for damages and/or losses resulting from the negotiations between the user; (v) the unavailability of the products and/or services searched on the Site; (vi) for the payment of copyright on profile images that administrator users can send free of charge to CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO; (vii) for the payment for the use of the image rights of the people that eventually appear in the photos that are on the pages of CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO; (viii) for the photos that users can send directly and free of charge to CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO that cause or may cause any damage to anyone; (ix) for any commercial transaction (successful or unsuccessful), carried out between clients on the premises of CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO; and (x) for the information contained in the user registration.

3.2. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO may, at any time and at its sole discretion, modify the configuration of the Site, or any of its channels, and may also delete or add any products registered in its database, as well as change the regulations made available to users, always with a view to improving the Site, or any of its channels.


4.1. As mentioned in these Terms of Use, CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO does not mediate referrals between users, and is not responsible, under any circumstances or circumstances, as well as for any transaction or relationship between users. In short, if a user saw something that interested him on our site, went to our restaurant and liked it a lot, indicated it to a person he knew, but that for some personal reason this person did not like something, this will only be seen as a relationship between customers and their personal tastes, thus generating the impossibility of refunding any values.

4.2. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO cannot be held liable under any circumstances for: (i) failures, defects or temporary low quality, generated at the origin of the products; (ii) the inexistence, quantity, quality, status, integrity or legitimacy of the products offered and purchased by users; (iii) for the eventual lack of ability of the user to make a purchase; (iv) the veracity of the users’ personal data entered by them in their records; (v) for the hidden or apparent defects in the negotiations on the part of the user; and/or (vi) problems in the delivery of products or completion of services arising from bankruptcy, judicial recovery, extrajudicial recovery, dissolution or state of insolvency of suppliers or deliverers.

User Obligations

5.1. The user by submitting and making available any content to the Site (such as data, photos, emails, personal information, comments, ratings, etc.):

(a) grants CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO and on an unrestricted basis, free of royalties or any other usage fee, perpetual, transferable and irrevocable, the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, publicly display such content and execute it it throughout the world, in any media, currently known or conceived;
(b) grants CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO the right to use the user’s name and e-mail address so that it can send the relevant content to the list (Newsletter) or the information requested by the visitor;

5.2. Without prejudice to the provisions of the item above, CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO may use the content as it deems appropriate, and may, without limitation, delete, modify or even reject the inclusion of such content on the Site or in its list (Newsletter). CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO does not have any obligation to offer the user any payment for the content that he sends, as well as the right to edit, delete or modify said content. CHURRASCARIA BARRANCO does not assume any obligation to attribute to the user the authorship of the content sent by him.