The Barranco

Our Story

Since 1969 in the heart of the gauchos!

Every day at Churrascaria Barranco we serve the best beef and we have the fire always lit to offer the best barbecue in Porto Alegre, accompanied by hot and cold dishes. We also have the service of waiters, always ready to receive orders at any time. The uninterrupted offer of dishes alone could justify the success of Churrascaria Barranco, which since 1969 has been one of the most frequented places by the "gauchos" (people from the south of Brazil). If good service at any time is a fact, the quality of the food that is offered is our biggest differential.

Owner Elson Furini doesn't know the word "economy" when he looks for the best product to serve at the table. "We always want the best, whether in products or procedures", says Elson. Qualification and innovation have been the watchwords at Barranco for a long time, so much so that the team of employees participates in improvement courses at Sebrae, especially focused on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The search for innovations that add and add points in terms of product quality, service and service provision is constant. The owner of the mansion at the top of Protásio Alves also invested in a major renovation completed in 2005. In addition to expanding the spaces, today there are five parking lots with valet parking with a capacity for 280 vehicles - Churrascaria Barranco was also modernized to ensure greater convenience and quality to the loyal customers.

Safe food is what has attracted crowds to Barranco for years. In the renovation, in addition to computerization, there were improvements in procedures and the purchase of new equipment throughout the food production area. A good example of this concern for quality is the partnership closed three years ago with the Associação Brasileira de Angus (ABA) and Frigorífico Mercosul, where Barranco was the first establishment in Porto Alegre to serve Certified Angus Beef, a differential that today is responsible for more than 50% of meat orders placed at the table.

More than a tradition in offering the best meat, Barranco has consolidated itself as a meeting point for different tribes. Politicians, businessmen, artists, journalists and brotherhoods are commonplace figures at the tables. The privileged location is seen as a differentiator: - Where in Porto Alegre is it possible to taste a meat, have a chopinho or a caipirinha without worrying about the children, who can play outdoors, while the families socialize? Only in Barranco!

In addition to a space for socializing, the steakhouse is the favorite place for many for business meetings. And, over the years, it has accumulated many stories from customers who have passed through there. So many that their owners don't like to name just one or two. They prefer to keep it in their memory or keep their mouth shut so as not to displease one or another assiduous but anonymous visitor. This care and attention to the clientele explains why Barranco has not adhered to the guest book or to the wall with photos of the illustrious until today. For Elson Furini, everyone is important and always receives the best treatment. But she confesses that not a day goes by that the house does not receive a "famous".

The initial purpose of being a steakhouse with good service and excellent dishes was conquered a long time ago. For many the place has become a true institution. That's where groups meet to chat or celebrate – whether it's birthdays, marriages, victories and/or defeats for Inter or Grêmio. Barranco is already part of people's lives and will be present at special moments in the lives of many families.

For foreign visitors, many do not leave Porto Alegre without first passing through here, Barranco has already become a kind of Embassy. If the first time the choice for the house was influenced by hoteliers – "go to Barranco, there's no mistake there", the second is definitely for knowledge.